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Executives may not have practiced the transition from their "blue sky" role to their role during a large scale emergency.  This has caused more than one executive major issues.  More and more executives are interested in strengthening their "C-Suite" for anything that might impact their operations.


Does every employee know their emergency role?  Have they practiced routinely?  Exercises need to be more than "one and done" to make a difference!

What is your exercise cycle?



Many operational leaders have responsibility for a portion of the business.  Very few have ever managed the entire organization under extremely difficult circumstances where lives, property, relationships or reputation are at stake.



Most operations are on a routine schedule even if multiple shifts are employed.  The challenge is during a large scale emergency when the structure may be facing a marathon and not a sprint, how to safely, effectively and efficiently manage resources to ensure the organization will survive the long-term impacts during "business unusual".

In the end, it is all about relationships and developing social capital

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